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BMW-Certified Classics

Posted in BMW, Classic, Collector Cars by Dustin Driver | July 28th, 2010 | 1 Response |

What’s better than selling one BMW once? Selling one BMW twice. BMW Classic’s Customer Workshop is now restoring old bimmers for customers worldwide. The first resto, a 1972 3.0 CSi, was delivered to a happy customer earlier this week. The car is showroom perfect, painted lustrous “fjord blue” with all the options—plus an autobox, which wasn’t an option back in ’72. The Customer Workshop is now taking orders for full factory restorations. 2002 Turbo, anyone?

Source: BimmerFile

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One Response

  1. acarr260 says:

    Mercedes is doing this too. Their shop is attached to the museum in Stuttgart. Some of their pricing was surprisingly down to earth ($20k for a restored normal model with low miles).