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BMW Asks Employees to Buy Their Cars

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In a move two steps away from groveling, BMW placed 7,000 fliers on cars in employee parking lots asking those who don’t already own a BMW to please consider purchasing one. If that doesn’t work BMW is going to try 84,000 roses (a dozen for each windshield) and will likely consider standing outside employee houses in the rain holding up a boom-box blaring “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel, or something by Falco.

BMW’s sales figures in the U.S. are pretty great but back in the fatherland the company just isn’t doing so well. According to MotorAuthority, BMW group sales in Germany are down 21% for the first five months of the year — some 488,000 cars. Ouch.

The fliers placed on employee windscreens read, “What’s wrong here? You like working with us. You appreciate your job and income. But you drive a vehicle from a competitor,” and were signed by BMW sales chief, Ian Robertson, head of personnel, Harald Kreuger and the company’s top union rep, Manfred Schoch.

My personal opinion is that the German population’s horrible taste in music is finally beginning to spread to their taste in vehicles. Thanks a lot, Hasslehoff.

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