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BMW ActiveE to Debut at Geneva

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BMW ActiveE

Leave it to BMW to finally get me excited about an all electric vehicle. This is the ActiveE, a car that’s based on BMW’s stellar 1-Series Coupe. It’s set to debut at the Geneva Auto Show this March, and in my opinion is exactly what is needed to get people interested in driving an EV. If you look at the current crop of all electric vehicles on the market, you’d see they’re actually quite dismal. The Tesla Roadster for example is extremely impractical and too expensive and the Nissan Leaf is stodgy and boring to look at. The BMW however is actually pretty cool and makes consumers comfortable right from the get go as it’s based on an already existing platform. According to BMW, the ActiveE, “is the first electric vehicle from the BMW Group to combine the space and comfort of a traditionally powered BMW with a fully electric drive train. Intelligent packaging ensures that the driver and all three passengers have the same head, leg and shoulder room as they would in a standard BMW 1 Series CoupĂ©.”

From a performance standpoint the numbers aren’t going to blow you away. Power is rated at 168 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. Top speed is limited to just 90 mph with 60 mph taking a full 9-seconds to achieve. These numbers are pretty consisted with that of the Chevrolet Volt, however the Volt is an Extended Range Vehicle, not a full EV like the BMW. The big difference with the BMW should be the way the car performs.

BMW ActiveE

For example the car has a 50/50 weight distribution and a low center of gravity which means it should handle like a proper BMW. As for the ActiveE’s range… right now we simply don’t know. However expect more information to surface when the ActiveE debuts in Geneva this March.

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