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BMW 335i v. Infiniti 37s: Coupe battle ends in a split-decision

Posted in BMW, Infiniti by will bee | July 19th, 2007 | 3 Responses |

Edmunds and Motor Trends recently released simultaneous judgements on their hands-on comparison of the 2007 BMW 335i and the 2008 Infiniti 37s. It is a battle of the standard bearer versus the up-and-coming in a face-off to see which is putting out the better sport coupe. And just like any boxing match you sometimes wonder if both judges were looking at the same fighters as the results appear a little mixed.

BmW 335i

The BMW 335iÂ

Both publications approached the BMW with a particular level of deference as they have been the pinnacle of the sport coupe class for many many years. Both Edmunds and Motor Trend were recipients of similar cars in trim and propulsion with the 3.0 liter twin-turbo straight six. The 335i was run through similar tests and graded with somewhat similar results, which would be a mark to the stability and experience that the elite builders should provide. When Edmunds submitted their test car to the dyno they found that the usual 15% loss of horsepower due to drive-train resistance was actually only 7% (the Infiniti tested to show the usual 15% loss in horsepower, but showed a considerable drop in torque from the advertised amount). Thus to say that either the 335i has a magical new drivetrain technology that they are not sharing or that BMW has underrated the published 300-horsepower that they advertise for the car.

Infiniti G37s

The Infiniti G37s

The Infiniti G37s coupes tested by Edmunds and Motor Trends have on major difference between them and that would be the transmission. Edmunds received a manual stick while Motor Trends had a 5-speed automatic with the fixed paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. While the manual shift managed a faster quarter mile for Edmunds (13.8 seconds) than the automatic did for Motor Trends (14.0 seconds), it was in over-all competence and feel for the road that set the two reviews apart. The G37’s 4-wheel-active-steer (4WAS) was highlighted as a hindrance to the Edmunds tester where he indicated that such interference did not take place in the G37 Sedan with an automatic transmission they had tested this year. The Motor Trend test coupe which came equipped with that same automatic transmission displayed no noticeable interference in the handling of the Infiniti during its 400-mile run.

Infiniti G37sBMW 335i

The Results

While both tests seemed to give the BMW 335i the usual high grade it would expect, it was the difference in the grades of the Infiniti G37s that may raise more questions than answer. One of those questions being whether it is better to have the G37s in an automatic rather than the manual transmission? In the end though it is the consumer that benefits from this competition. While these two duke-it-out in their design wars and beefed-up engine power it is the buyer who is provided the greater options. The price may be the final judge as the Infiniti comes in around $8,000 less than the BMW, but for some the prestige of a BMW could be priceless (or at least worth an extra eight grand.

Which car would you pick if you were in the market for one of the two participants in this test?


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3 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    Almost anyone wants a BMW in their garage.. I would get the Infiniti if I were in the market and had to choose in between the two.. $8k less.. definitely.. the BMW will win the overall looks withs it’s sharp sport-like appearance but the Infiniti (although loss of HP/Torque) still holds well with it’s smooth luxurious looks…

  2. Mary says:

    I test drove both cars last month and ended up buying the Infiniti. It is a beautiful, comfortable and fun car. I also own a 2004 Nissan 350-Z Touring Coupe so I tend to be very Nissan oriented. The Z has never let me down so it was an easy decision when it came time to buy a daily driver. The Infiniti is an awesome car. It handles well for what it is and is extremely comfortable to drive. The stereo sysem is excellent and I love the Bluetooth connection. I would say the BMW handled a bit better (I’m used to my Z that has an upgraded suspension so the Infiniti is not quite what I’m used to) than the G-37, but the ride in the Infniti is stable and nice. I like the all wheel steering now that I am used to it and the paddle shifters are loads of fun. Great car and I’m glad I bought it!

  3. Guillermo Antonio says:

    09 de Agosto de 2009.

    FUI A BUSCAR EL BMW 335i Coupe/2006 Full Equip. a mil km y valió la pena compralo…no lo duden…

    ..Hoy es un dia de los más felices que haya tenido y es por mi perseverancia en estudiar y comparar todo al mínimo detalle; hace muchos meses los dos coches el BMW 335i Coupe , manual 6 velocidades y Full Equip.; con una condición 1 solo propietario y 100 mil km de recorridos desde el 2006 contra el actual Infiniti G 37 S del 2008, manual 6 velocidades, Full Equip sin muchos Km solo era de Demostración; tambien fui a probarlo a muchos KM de donde estaba al final ; a decir verdad , he conseguido a decidirme por el BMW a un precio increible que lo guardo en secreto para no levantar palomas ya pueden imaginarselo (BUENÍSIMO PRECIO) lo que más me ha gustado fue la prueba que hicimos juntos con un amigo Corredor Profesional de Raylling , fue sorprendente que los 100 mil km no eran nada para la gran capacidad y respuesta del motor de este BMW 335i, era como decir el coche empieza ahora a tirar como debe ser , por eso que la opinión de mi amigo que si sabe de potencia y respuesta dinámica, eficiencia etc de los motores , así todo el conjunto de este coche que está en perfectas condiciones , impecable en todo ; además con mas de 5 mil Euros de Extras y Opcionales una verdadera oportunidad para mi que llevaba mucho tiempo buscando la mejor oportunidad y la encontré al final por la perseverancia y navegar en Internet en busca de lo que quieres , al final lo logras y con satisfacción lo obtienes en la mejor negociación que lleves , es una realidad amigos…

    …sigue siendo BMW 335i Coupe 306 CV mejor que Infiniti G 37 S Coupe 320 CV en todo, solo que buscar en negociar KM contra EXTRAS Y OPCIONALES es la otra gran parte parte de la negociación y riesgo pero quien no ariesga no gana, es otra verdad…

    Siempre con suerte y valor un amigo.

    Guillermo Antonio.