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BMW 1-Series Pricing for the U.S. Market Looks Promising

Posted in Auto Show, BMW by will bee | September 12th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

BMW’s 1-Series coupe continues to be an internet darling as we await for its Spring arrival onto the American market. While the specs and models of the 1-Series have been thoroughly discussed over and over the retail price of the car has been irritably with-held (well… I was growing irritable). A recent report from Automobile magazine has finally broken open the great price debate. Their sources tell them that the base 128i model of the 1-Series will come in at an estimated $27,000. While the 135i and its twin-turbo straight six and its inspiring 300 horses is expected to run closer to $35,000.

There is certainly a lot to like about the BMW 1-Series and its unleashing upon the auto market will be a day celebrated by quite a number of enthusiasts. Either model could really satisfy most drivers as even the 128i comes with 230-hp. That is more than enough horsepower to stand-up against the uniquely styled Volvo C30 or the Audi A3.

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