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BMW 1-Series Marketing Comes to America

Posted in BMW, General by will bee | March 18th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

bmw135i.jpg picture by willfusion

BMW marketing is ushering in the arrival of the 1-Series to the America’s and that should make a lot of people very happy. The 135i is one of the most highly anticipated car introductions of 2008 and is sure to spend very limited time on any dealers lot. For those curious and eager buyers looking to get their hands on one ahead of the pack so far there is only a 1-Series BMW Manual for sale on ebay, but it will not be long before someone will be looking to cash in on a premium and high demand for the car.

If you are looking to make an early splash in the 1-Series market then you may want to contact your local BMW dealership. Odds are there may already be a pre-order or 2 ahead of you.

The marketing campaign begun by BMW is that the 1-Series, and in-particular the 135i, will bring color to an all pale-white world. With 300 horses under the hood the appearance of color must be from all the blood rushing to your head, but that is just my own speculation.

Follow the link to the next page to catch a glimpse of the new BMW 1-Series commercial. Might as well get used to it now, because you are likely to be seeing a lot of it.

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