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BMW 1-Series Convertible set to arrive Spring 2008

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BMW 1-Series Carbio/Convertible

BMW has just announced that the Carbio version of their new 1-Series coupe will be arriving to the US market Spring of 2008. That coincides with the arrival time of the coupe, so interested buyers will have the immediate option of coupe or topless driving. However, if they are going topless they will not have the option of engine choice right away. The only convertible model coming in the Spring will be the 128i. Those looking for the 300-hp 135i Cabrio will have to wait until sometime later in 2008.

Much to the delight of driving enthusiast the BMW 1-Series Convertible will be coming with a soft top. That is opposed to the BMW 3-Series and its rather bulky hard-top Carbio model. Many drivers have complained about the effects on weight distribution and drive-ability of the 3-Series convertible with the top down. That will not be the case with the 1-Series soft top.

BMW 1-Series Carbio/Convertible

For many it seems that Spring of 2008 just cannot come soon enough. With the 128i supposed to start just below $30k US (approx. $27,000) it seems a likely presumption that the Cabrio version will come just above $30k. No exact pricing has been released as of yet. But once the pricing for the Carbio’s is released you can count on finding them here.

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