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Black Falcon

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The Vincent Black Shadow is mechanized art. It is metallic perfection, from its girder forks to its finned V-twin to its triangulated swing arm. But the guys at Falcon Motorcycles have made it even better. Behold, the Black Falcon, the most gorgeous motorcycle ever made.

The bike was built from scratch around a 1952 Vincent V-twin that was found in pieces. It took six master fabricators an entire year to build the frame, forks, and pretty much everything else you see on the bike. And as you can see from the picture below, its beauty isn’t just skin deep.


The Black Falcon is a glorious amalgamation of heart-stopping details. Every square millimeter of the thing has been immaculately crafted and polished.

And the engine. Oh, the engine. Every moving part has been balanced to within a tenth of a gram and all its internals have been lightened and strengthened.”

The Black Falcon was built to be ridden. Every mechanical piece has been reconsidered and reengineered using modern materials and methods. The forks, for instance, are based on the original Vincent “Girdraulic” design, but they’re made from 7075 T6 aluminum and use full needle bearings. Shocks, front and rear, are modern gas units, custom built for the bike.

The brakes look vintage, but they’re also new. They were designed  and fabricated by Falcon fabricator Ian Berry. The drum braking surfaces of both brakes were machined from locomotive brake parts. The front brake is double sided, has four leading shoes, and can stop the bike from 140 miles per hour.

There are fully adjustable handlebars and quick-release gas tanks, one for racing, the other for the street.

The machine is truly astonishing and should be considered one of the greatest works of art ever created by man. Hop on over to BikeEXIF or the Falcon Motorcycle site for more pics and info.

Oh, and the LA Times produced an excellent video on the bike:


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    God, they can create a beautiful bike. If only all vehicles were made with this amount of passion and enthusiasm.