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Black Air: The story of the Buick Grand National

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Black Air Buick Grand National

Back in the mid-1980’s the muscle car seen here in the United States was a dismal mess. Cars like the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang were still around, but they’d gotten fat and lazy in their old age. Then something wonderful happened. In 1985 Buick took their a plain-jane Buick Regal, slapped a turbocharged V6 under the hood, painted it all black and took the automotive world by storm. This was the Buick Grand National and it’s one of the worlds greatest automotive success stories. “Black Air” is the upcoming documentary about this amazing machine and promises to deliver all the goods on the hows, whys and people that brought the Grand National into being. Click through for the trailer.

Source: Hemmings.com

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2 Responses

  1. KC French says:

    OH GOD YES. YES. YES. I love absolutely everything about the Grand National. I actually ran across one on a Naval Base in South Carolina during my cross country road trip from San Jose, CA.


  2. Rod Munch says:

    I owned one in the mid 90s and took it with me to Germany where I wrecked it. :(

    I will own another one day!