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Bill Beilharz’s LaCarrera Panamericana Crash

Posted in Classic, Collector Cars, Crashes, Racing, Videos by Kurt Ernst | November 5th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

Vintage rallying and vintage road racing are great sports to watch, because you get to see some incredible cars driven in just the manner their original builders intended. Vintage racers tend to be passionate, sometimes bordering on fanatical, about their rides. Most of these cars are valuable, but all of them are priceless to their owners. To see one wrecked due to mechanical failure is absolutely heartbreaking.

Bill Beilharz is a former LaCarrera Panamericana winner (in 2008) and was the fastest qualifier for this year’s event. His car was a 1957 Studebaker, which lost its brakes during a speed section on day five of this year’s event. The car went off the road and over a hillside, rolling four times. Bill was knocked unconscious in the crash, but both he and his navigator, Maximillian Hambloch, walked away without injury. Rumor has it that Bill is already working on a car for next year’s event, in true racer style.

Source: That Will Buff Out and You Tube

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2 Responses

  1. Wow, that first video was quite something. It’s amazing how he was able to walk away from that crash without any injuries. That’s a shame about his vintage car being destroyed. That road he was driving looked challenging with all those twists and blind turns. I’m sure it’s nothing to him but I always get scared when driving on those roads.

  2. Kurt says:

    AH, I lived in Colorado for about 10 years, so driving roads like that is no big deal to me. In fact, I miss mountain driving, since every road in Florida is flat and straight.