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Bike vs Bobsled – BMW Style.

Posted in Bizarre, BMW, Car Stunts, Motorcycle, Videos by MrAngry | December 28th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

I understand that BMW wants to showcase their Efficient Dynamics technology, but I’m not really sure that this is the right way to go about doing so. By combining a BMW designed bobsled and a BMW G450X motorcycle in a somewhat deadly game of chicken, the automaker is apparently trying to illustrate that they have the technology of vehicle dynamics down pat. Stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer is on the bike, while German bobsledder Christoph Langen pilots the sled in a not-so-safe crisscross run down the Olympic bobsled track in Innsbruck, Germany. Seeing a bobsled run is really no big deal, but watching Pfeiffer run the G450X on studded tires down the twisty banked track is simply amazing. I’ll say one thing for BMW, they may not be the best at getting their point across, but their vehicular stunts sure are amazing.

Source: Youtube.com

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