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Bike owner wants to fly, builds Mig-21 out of Kawasaki.

Posted in Cool Stuff, Custom, Motorcycle by MrAngry | October 22nd, 2010 | 2 Responses |

Mig-21 Bike

It’s been said that aside from sky diving, riding a motorcycle is the closest thing one can do to emulate the feeling of flying. With this I have to agree, but there are definitely those who try and take it to the next level. Take this customized cruiser for example, a bike that has the ability to transport its owner right into the cockpit of a Mig-21. With its twin air intakes, full-on canopy up front and twin jet ports in the rear, this big rig is probably one of the more imaginative rides I’ve seen in awhile.

Mig-21 Bike

Mig-21 Bike

The closer you look at this thing the more you realize that there was actually quite a bit of fabrication work done to pull this thing off as the entire rear section looks to be one piece. The wings, upper tail and lower lights have all been very well done and although it’s not my taste I’ve got to respect what was done here.

Mig-21 Bike

I would however be curious to know how all these massive body panels affect the bikes ability to cruise down the road in a straight line. Either way though the owner has definitely created a one-off piece that is sure to be the highlight of any bike show he attends.

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