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Big names decide the fate of Aston Martin

Posted in Ford, General by davidallen | March 9th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Aston Martin has over the years been on a roller coaster, there were times when it was feared that the high performance luxury car would not survive, especially in the bad times when they were only producing forty odd cars in a year, yet since American car giant ford bought the majority holding in the company twenty years ago, there has been a remarkable turnaround and now from its ultra hi tech plant based at a former airbase in Warwickshire, where the production has increased to around seven thousand cars a year.


Ford who have to be credited with the turn around have been looking to sell their stake in Aston Martin for a while now, and as to be expected there have been many suggestions of who may be in the frame for buying the company and what it would mean for the company, the car and the employees. Ford appear to be looking towards their home market, especially after suffering a huge $12 bn loss last year, which is the largest in the companies history.

The main contender that has emerged is Pro-Drive a company created around twenty years ago by motor sport entrepreneur David Richards, who just happens to run the Aston Martin racing team and who is due to enter a team into Formula One for the season of 2008. David Richards is heading up a consortium of investors from around the world, so with the right financial backing and the knowledge and experience of David Richards and his team, the future for Aston Martin would look very secure indeed.


Although there has been no formal acknowledgement that there is a deal in the pipeline, it is believed that there have been several meetings and that there will be an announcement any time soon, meaning either today or sometime over the weekend. This would be a great time to make the announcement for Pro-Drive as the following weekend is the start of the 2007 Formula One season in Melbourne, Australia. So there will be plenty of talk around the paddock as to the make up of the new team that Pro-Drive will be putting together for next season.

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