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Big Air = Bad Landing

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For those of you stunt junkies out there who like to tempt fate, I’d advise you to watch this video very carefully. You see pulling off a successful stunt takes timing, precision and the understanding that things can in fact, go wrong. Take athletes like X-games superstar Travis Pastrana for example. The guy is a multi-time medal winner and although he takes big risks, he also plans accordingly by figuring out things like timing, distance and speed of approach. By doing this he’s able to pull off some pretty spectacular stunts and for the most part, walk away unharmed. The guy in this video however… well, lets just say he’s not Pastrana and by the looks of this jump is never going to be. Listen carefully for the point in his airborne excursion when he realizes that he’s royally f*cked…

Source: Youtube.com

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