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Big 3 Performance brings another Mustang Model to the Big Pony Party

Posted in Design, Fast Cars, Ford, Mustang by will bee | August 7th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Just when you thought the table was set and all parties have found their seat another participant finds a seat at the table and opens up a high-octane beverage. There are more Mustang variations of the current pony body style than some manufacturers have models in their line-up. So why should there be another? Two reasons should sum it up well enough: Because they can and because there’s a demand.

Big 3 Performance Mustang

Big 3 Performance will be producing their own take on the Mustang with a 100 car production plan that samples some of the best of the after-market parts available. Out of the 100 cars to be built there will be 20 of them showcasing a 650-hp engine. That will give this pony production car some of the highest horsepower ratings of all current Mustangs. With an aim at strong performance and some gunning-for-ya fascia the Big 3 Performance team will be acquiring plenty of affectionate looks.

Big 3 Performance Mustang

Two things make all the spin-offs of the Pony line so successful: 1. A good design from the start. 2. Demand. Ford has built a true pony car with great bones in the current Mustang and in doing so have inspired many customizers and builders to put their own spin on things. …And there are many Pony car fans out there who are loving every minute of it.

Take the leap over to Jalopnikto leaf through more photos of their thoroughbred pony and to read their official press release.


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