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Biden To Announce Fisker/GM Plant Purchase On Tuesday

Posted in auto industry, Cars, Electric Cars, Electric Vehicles, Fisker, GM, Newsworthy by Suzanne Denbow | October 26th, 2009 | 1 Response |


After shaking off the the after effects of a rather grueling weekend, we bring to you the first bit of excruciatingly dull Monday news compliments of back-up vocalist Joe Biden (remember him?). On Tuesday, the lesser-known rock star is scheduled to tour GM’s shuttered Boxwood plant in Wilmington, Delaware plant where he is expected to announce the plans for its future. According to reports, California-based performance EV manufacturer, Fisker, has expressed interest in purchasing the dormant plant from GM and restructuring it to produce Fisker vehicles. If confirmed and the transaction is given the greenlight, Fisker’s plans would create as many as 1,500 jobs and provide a significant boost for the ailing local economy.

As of this morning, no further details surrounding the sale have been released, but Biden’s impending visit suggests the deal is all but confirmed. We’ll keep you updated as this story breaks and in the interim, try not to exhaust yourself with frenzied anticipation.

Source: AutoNews

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  1. Mike the Dog says:

    This seems like a step in the right direction. Although Fisker’s whole business plan seems kind of smoke-and-mirrory from where I sit, I’m trying to rein in my cynical tendencies because their technology really seems like it has promise.