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Best (And Worst) Auto Commercials From Super Bowl XLIII

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Toyota Tundra “Killer Heat” 2009 Super Bowl XLIII commercial

Although it might seem too horrifying to possibly be true, we here at RideLust must admit that we weren’t able to catch the Super Bowl this year (we were, however, given frequent play-by-play updates thanks to both a very enthusiastic NWA pilot and a very accommodating control tower). Of course, every knows that the most talked-about moments of the big game usually occur during the commercial breaks, and judging by the clips we’ve spent hours (alright, minutes) of company time reviewing, we didn’t exactly miss much.

Most of the commercials that attempted to be overtly funny (we’re looking at you, Castrol Edge) just wound up falling flat, and those that took a subtler approach just made us feel like we spent 30 seconds listening to someone set up a joke, only to have them forget the punchline (that one’s for you, Cars.com). Of course, given our predisposition to buy American, Detroit’s noticeable absence from the marketing fesitivities this year left us feeling a little bitter and it’s completely within the realm of possibility that we graded this year’s sponsor, Hyundai, on an unfair curve. Nevertheless, after watching the auto commercials from this year’s lineup, the only one that left us with a smile on our face was Toyota’s “Killer Heat” advert for the Tacoma – but only because we could have sworn up and down the guy doing the voice-over was none other than the man of our totally hetero devotion, Sam Elliott.

So whether you’re like us and missed out on all the action the first time around, or just fighting a slow, lethargic day at the office, head over to our friends at Automoblog.net to check out the full commercial lineup from the 2009 Super Bowl XLIII.

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