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Bernie Ecclestone’s Christmas Card Has A Cartoon Max Mosley Whipping F1 Team Members

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The original video of Max Mosley’s “Nazi orgy”

Earlier this year, a video featuring Formula 1 bigshot and FIA President Max Mosley in some embarrassing situations hit the UK tabloids. Embarrassing is a bit of an understatement, however… it showed Mosley in the basement of an upscale Chelsea apartment taking part in what the tabloids called a “Nazi orgy”. Mosley played the part of a concentration camp prisoner and some of the five prostitutes in the video were dressed in Nazi uniforms, and took turns variously whipping and dominating him. The video has one of the classic lines in all celebrity orgy videos, Mosley, in his fake German accent, said to one of the prostitutes: “Zey need more of ze punishment I think.” It was Oscar worthy.

The story was huge news, and everyone thought Max Mosley would lose his job for sure, Bernie Ecclestone even pushed for him to quit. He managed to escape that fate somehow though, and is still the reigning rulemaster at Formula 1. The best part of this story comes 9 months later though, in the form of Bernie Ecclestone’s personalized Christmas card. Ecclestone’s card, sent to insiders in the FIA and Formula 1 teams, shows a cartoon of Mosley whipping an F1 team member, and a TV monitor in the background showing a woman in fishnet stockings and high heels. Other F1 personnel on the card can been seen nursing their sore, obviously whipped, bottoms. The message inside the card reads: ‘Usual team punishment, just a special for Christmas. Have a happy one. Bernie.‘.

Happy Holidays, Bernie… Stay Classy

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