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Derek Bell Takes Bentley CSS Offroad At Goodwood Festival of Speed [VIDEO]

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Born from a long line of stately cruisers, the Bentley Continental Supersports is quickly making history for its unparalleled combination of traditional luxury and supercar handling. The fastest car to bear the Bentley logo in the company’s 90-year history, the two-seat Continental Supersports is a 4,938-pound, 621-horsepower behemoth that manages to burn past the 1-mile mark in under 18 seconds. Although certainly no featherweight, the Continental Supersports is still a full 242 pounds lighter than Bentley’s former sportiest offering, the Continental GTC Speed, and boasts considerably more power under the bonnet. For the rare environmentally-conscious Bentley enthusiast, the Continental Supersports’ massive turbocharged W12 is expected to become E85 compatible by the summer of 2010, though it’s doubtful potential customers will be eligible for any “green” tax breaks.

Bentley never was intended for the hybrid crowd, though, so we can’t knock its $250,000 price tag or likely single-digit MPG rating. Instead, we’ll revel in who it is intended for – petrol heads like us who love the rumble of a monstrous super car. To demonstrate the Continental Supersports’ fearsome power, famous Le Mons veteran, “Bentley Boy” Derek Bell, took the CSS for a spin at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and gave us a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the underwear-soiling performance of Bentley’s baddest buggy to date. Hit the jump to check out the exclusive video footage.

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