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Bentley Continental Sunk Into River During Mechanic’s “Test” Run

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When the worsening economy leaves you nursing a bad transmission on a 12-year-old car with neither the funds to fix it or replace the car, it’s always difficult to drum up the appropriate amount of sympathy for a story begins with “$150,000 Bentley,” but we’re giving it a shot anyway.

According to The Sun, a London stockbroker lost his $150,000 Bentley Continental GT to the churning waters of the River Lee after a service technician lost control of the vehicle during a test drive. Apparently, the affluent owner had left his Bentley under the care of Scott Coleman’s Totally Dynamic body shop earlier that day for cosmetic repair. When one of the body shop’s employees prepared to “move” the Bentley, there was a catastrophic brake failure that wound up leaving the Bentley roof-deep in the North Enfield local waterway. The driver of the car managed to escape without harm, and Coleman himself seems nonplussed about the seemingly dubious nature of the routine “move,” explaining simply that insurance would probably cover it, and that the Bentley’s owner knew of the faulty brakes.

In related news, owners of cars that haven’t been considered “desirable” since the Reagan Administration suddenly report feeling rather smug.

Source: The Sun

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  1. The bodyshop is more than 200m from the river!!!! I think he was taking it for a spin, not just moving it.