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Belgians Do Not Like Speed Cameras – At All

Posted in Newsworthy, Politics, Roads, Safety, Scandal, Traffic, Travel by Vito Rispo | December 22nd, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

So far, out of the 1263 speed and red light cameras that have gone up in Belgium since 2004, 412 have been damaged. That’s almost one-third. In Antwerp, 118 cameras have been damaged; in Flemish Brabant, 97; in Limburg, 81; in East Flanders, 67; and in West Flanders, 49 no longer work. I have a new respect for the Belgian people. But it’s not all the work of freedom fighters, some were broken in accidents, hit by drunk drivers, or failed on their own.

Still, Belgian officials estimate that vigilantes were responsible for at least half of the destroyed cameras. And yet, despite this very obvious sign that the public disapproves of the cameras, the Belgian government will be installing more. Fifty-six new feeway cameras and 25 red light cameras to be exact. This is not going to end well for Belgium.

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