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Beijing’s New Hummer

Posted in Diesel, Foreign Cars, Hummer, Trucks by Geoff | November 9th, 2008 | 3 Responses |

Beijing Jeep BJ2S
Beijing Jeep BJ2S

“The Warrior” sounds like a Jet Li film.  It is also the nickname of the first new Chinese miltary Jeep-style vehicle to be designed and manufactured in 35 years.  The Warrior moniker for the BJ2S is more than just a coincidence.  The vehicle was designed by American Edward Wong who claims he drew his inspiration from Bruce Lee and the Shaolin monks (Chinese Buddhists associated with the martial arts).  Though Wong is quoted as saying he did not want to make a Humvee knockoff, by the looks of it, the BJ2S it isn’t exactly the most original of designs.

Beijing Interior
Beijing Interior

Inside, at least in civilian versions, the BJ2S has a great deal of comfort.  Especially in comparison to the sparse accommodations of the UAZ vehicles that “the Warrior” is replacing.

Beijing Jeep
Beijing Jeep

The BJ2S is scheduled for production later this year, replacing all military jeeps for the People’s Liberation Army in China. Civilian versions are scheduled to be rolled out at a later date.  Produced by the Beijing Jeep Corporation (BJC), the BJ2S went from concept to production in just two and a half months.  The BJ2S was designed to replace the old UAZ military vehicles used by the Chinese Army and other satellites of the former Soviet Union.  With that in mind, it was important that the vehicle be capable of functioning in rugged environments.  Nevertheless, Wong made a concerted effort to include what he calls the “spirit” of China and the Chinese people in this vehicle.  Some of the influences present in the vehicle’s design include the front fascia that is (taking his word on this) patterned after the mythical Chinese creature called the “kylin” that is supposed to be a creature of good luck.  Other symbolism includes the five slots in the grille that stand for the five stars in the Chinese flag, and the three-slot front guard that represents the army, air force and navy.  BJS2 is propelled by a diesel Nissan engine that produces 136 HP and is available in two versions.  The first is capable of carrying 5 passengers and a cargo of 1/2 tons, while the second can accommodate 8 passengers and carry a load of 3/4 tons. 

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3 Responses

  1. What is this??? I had to laugh at this quote “Though Wong is quoted as saying he did not want to make a Humvee knockoff, by the looks of it, the BJ2S it isn’t exactly the most original of designs.” , because as I see it too this is what he got a knock off ha ha ha ha

  2. ZIN WIN says:

    intrested in specification of vehicle

  3. ZIN WIN says:

    interested in specification of BJ 2S.