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BeamNG: Most Realistic Physics Engine Ever?

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BeamNG Physics Engine

Back in the mid-70’s and early 80’s automotive video games consisted of two dots of different colors running around two green lines that constituted a racetrack. The mid-80’s saw 8-bit and 12-bit multicolored racing games like “Spy Hunter” and “Out Run“, games that were fun for back in the day, but were nothing like what we have now. In the mid-1990’s life-like physics started to get into the mix and that’s where everything changed. BeamNG is a small start-up company whose main focus is to develop a state of the art real time physics simulation engine utilizing soft body physics. Think doors denting and windshields shattering and you’ll get the idea. The following video not only shows us what they’ve been able to accomplish, but gives us an idea of what we’ll be looking at in the very near future.

Source: BeamNG.com

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One Response

  1. Rt1583 says:

    I wonder how close this is to real physics and how difficult will it be to model the physics of the various small bits and pieces that go into building a car.

    Let alone the use in video games, if this continues, maybe one day car manufacturers will be able to reliably crash test cars virtually before going into production. If they could get even eighty or so percent reliability out of such tests, the cost savings would be tremendous over the production run.