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BBC may take “Top Gear” to the USA

Posted in Auto Show, General by davidallen | April 11th, 2007 | 2 Responses |

The premier car show Top Show may shortly have a sister show that is made especially for for the US market, currently viewers in the states can see the UK version of the show, but because the show is mainly directed at the UK market, it really has little interest to the Americans unless there is a feature that involve the US, American cars or cars that sell in the US.


The sister show will still be hosted by the UK shows current presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, which is fantastic because unlike the US viewers, fans from the UK will love to see the show, especially if it is as good as the episode when the guys travelled from Florida to New Orleans in the last series, the Americans will not know what’s hit them and it will be so funny when the guys get deported.


The plans are in the early stages yet, but one thing has come out, where there will be a race between some US stars and the shows test driver “The Stig” not that we will know if it is the real Stig or not! Like many other UK shows that venture across the Atlantic, the will most defiantly be some language problems, especially the way Jeremy Clarkson has with speaking his mind, the very thought of it is making me laugh!


Top Gear first hit the screens way back in 1978, the show was slightly different then to the way it is presented now, with the last episode of the last series having an audience of around eight million, for us in the UK, we only have to wait until the Autumn (That’s the “Fall”) until the new series comes out, maybe by then there will be some more information on the US series.

Source [BBC News]

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2 Responses

  1. Azasiel says:

    Many Americans avidly watch Top Gear, just as our girlfriends like watching “Coupling”. We both like “Gavin and Stacy”, but have to watch it with subtitles. The problem with all three shows, however, is that it’s on the BBC, which Americans understand as “PBS with bigger words more foreign people”. The BBC is very poorly marketed in the US, making it tough to break reach an audience. I have friends who watch TG, but probably don’t know what number channel (#241 where I live) or what time it is on.

  2. Justin says:

    Any avid car lover already loves and watches Top Gear!! I just hope they don’t produce a low rent, red neck version and butcher what it truly is…A hysterically informative car show that is more international than just European.