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Ridelust eBay Find: 1963 Plymouth Savoy Pursuit Car

Posted in Cool Stuff, eBay Motors, Plymouth by MrAngry | September 30th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

1963 Plymouth Savoy

Sure there have been customized police cars before, but I think that this one may just take the cake. What you are seeing here is one man’s vision of what a police interceptor should be. This 1963 Plymouth Savoy has basically been transformed into every State Troopers wet dream. It packs a blown 440 cu inch big block, push button 727 transmission and disc brakes. Honestly, I have no idea what this sucker makes as far as power goes but I’m thinking it’s somewhere north of 600 hp. Granted in the turns this bad boy will probably be left for dead by an electric powered golf cart, but on the straights you’ve simply got no shot. This may not be the most conventional, economical or comfortable way to catch those doing more than the ole’ double nickel, but honestly who cares. Click here to check out other pics of this power packed police car.

Source: Ebay.com

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