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Barned Bugatti Sold for $852,500 in Auction at Greenwich Councours

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It is truly amazing the number of classics that have been found and revived that had been left for dead out in a field or tucked inside an old barn. Back in the day when gas was cheap and a weekend drive thru the country side was not considered a guilty pleasure it was not uncommon to spot some classic grill or fender peaking through a opened barn door. Most of us are used to seeing a rounded ’50’s model fender or maybe the exposed trunk of a 1960’s Mustang. It would be a rare thing in America to catch a 1938 Bugatti cozied up along the hay and under-growth of a barn, but that is just what happened to one lucky person.

Barned Bugatti

The 1938 Bugatti Type 57C Atalante Coupe that survived all those years in that barn appears to be complete and in good shape considering its barned-state of hibernation. It was expected that this rare find would run somewhere between $300,000 and $400,000 in auction, but it seems word or wallets spread over the barned Bugatti. When the auction closed the winning bidder was $852,500 lighter in the bank account. Ofcourse for a bidder on a classic car of this stature that is not an unsightly price.

Over the years I have witness and her countless stories of barn finds and rusted field flowers. A friend of my fathers discovered and purchased a 1966 K-code Mustang with a HiPo 289 engine. It was all original and had not lost any of its horses while sitting in wait in that field. In another instance I stumbled upon a collection of 4 1920’s Model A’s barely covered along the road at the end of a private homes yard. The word around town was that some people had offered him money for one or some or even all and the owner would not budge.
As always where some see trash others see treasure; like the 1955 barned-up Chevy pictured below. A lot of money and a lot of hard labor over time and you have a classic that could last another lifetime. 
 Barned 1955 Chevy

So let that be a warning to all or maybe just a piece of advice. While you are out there whipping up the back-road of where-ever America keep one eye on the road and one eye in the barns and field around you. You never know what you may find peaking back at you.


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