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Barbie Turns 50 With Custom Fiat 500

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Unfortunately, this particular Fiat 500 is not a production vehicle. Built as a joint venture between Fiat and Mattel, this Barbie-tastic Fiat 500 was built as merely a show car in honor of Barbie’s 50th birthday. Covered with enough sparkly hot pink, rhinestones, and white leather to make you feel vaguely like a pedophile, Barbie’s Fiat will make its first official appearance on March 9th at Barbie’s big b-day bash in Milan. Lending a little more significance to the occasion than is really necessary, Roberto Giolito, creator of Barbie’s Fiat 500, remarked, “All-American Ms Barbie already has a number of ‘transport solutions’ available, like thundering GTs and motor homes with endless accessories. So if she’s spotted a 500 and wants one as a gift for this landmark birthday, it’s a signal typical of modern times that there’s a renewed need for dreaming the simple things in life, which give so much, allow us to lighten up, thrill who’s born beautiful or just feels beautiful, but doesn’t have to prove anything.”

Continued Roberto in what we imagine to be an excited, breathless voice à la Robin Williams in Birdcage, “After all, Barbie® already has everything. Sleek Barbie® is a looker, smart enough to listen to everyone, a universal ambassador opting for a car that never divides but frees everyone from having to declare their social status. The new 2009 version celebrates her birthday with a model that offers a better view of the sun and the stars, all the better for continuing to dream, especially daydreams.”

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