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Baltimore Cracks Down On Violent Gangs Of Dirt Bike Punks

Posted in Newsworthy, Recreational Vehicles, Roads, Safety, Sportbikes, Street Racing, Stunts, Traffic, Travel by Suzanne Denbow | October 24th, 2008 | 14 Responses |

In Baltimore, Maryland, the local government has passed new laws allowing police officers to seize and later destroy any unlocked dirt bikes they find – be it in an alley, driveway, front yard, or street. An extreme yet necessary measure, police and citizens alike have depleted their capacity for tolerance and are ready to reclaim ownership of the streets. Baltimore has been battling the widespread use of illegal dirt bikes on public roads for a little more than a decade, but in recent years, the blatant disregard for both law enforcement and basic civil decorum has reached uncharted levels. In addition to several reports of bikers cornering motorists and pedestrians, groups of riders have been routinely spotted circling community areas like Lake Ashburton and Druid Hill Park, presumably “patrolling” their territory.

While it’s illegal to operate a dirt bike in the city, the sheer number of bikers have made it nearly impossible for police to enforce the laws – but Baltimore is not going down without a fight. Looking to utilize every advantage they have over the bikers, the Baltimore PD has even been known to deploy Foxtrot, their police helicopter. Patrolling from the skies, the aerial police monitor the streets for heavy gang activity and/or large concentrations of bikers and when they observe it, ground units are radioed with location information. For the most part, the dirt bikers have proved just as flighty as the pursuing authorities and are notorious for fleeing on foot when confronted by law enforcement. Acknowledging that the officer to bike ratio is too disproportionate to accommodate a lengthy foot pursuit for each individual street punk, the city’s new legislation shifts the focus from the criminal to his tool. Explained Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III, “We’re not talking about filling jails full of dirt biker offenders. We’ll seize the bike, and it is game over.”

Source: BaltimoreSun.com

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14 Responses

  1. x2468 says:

    Why the fuck do they have to destroy the bikes??? they should auction them!!! I’d buy one, as would tons of other legitimate dirt bike enthusiasts!! they’re just destroying perfectly good motorcycles and artificially inflating the prices of used dirt bikes by depleting supply. all of those bikes are stolen anyway, so they should be sold and put back in a new home.

  2. jordan says:

    i think these riders are the best in the world realy, they just love to ride I LOVE TO RIDE i know how it is to get with all your friends and ride it aint like nothin else there just havving fun prolly helping them stay out of trouble to, they should make them legal

  3. yanny mo says:

    Jordan, not sure if you’ve been to baltimore, these kids on bikes are out of control. If you ever saw the Kevin Costner movie ‘Waterworld’, they kinda remind me of the guys on the jet-skis…except obviously that they’re on bikes in the middle of Baltimore

  4. easy does it says:

    Well we have all this unoccupied land in a lot of The near by counties, why dnt you give is some where to ride since we can’t ride in the streets.

  5. Brian says:

    I’ve seen these dudes on youtube, and I gotta say, the rebellion is downright heroic! I am a 34 year old Carroll County resident, and I am also an avid motorcyclist on streetbikes, dirtbikes, and ATV’s . Even we riders in this county have been robbed of our riding area’s by massive McMansion golf course communities on sold out subdivided lands, industrial parks, and hoards of migrated yuppy jerks who have nothing else to do but complain about anything, so something such as noise from a dirtbike or ATV would be the perfect culprit of complaint for them. My friends and I believe in riding stealth with stock exhaust systems, we are not heard, therefore are not seen. These crews from baltimore have more balls than any rider I’ve ever known around my way, and most of them ride very well. However I do disagree with their disreguard for obeying traffic safety and the safety of they’re own when it comes to motorist’s. Also I know for a fact that some (not all) of the bikes they’ve been caught riding have been stolen from all over Maryland, including my hometown, so I was highly disliking to beef up my security on my own bikes. But the way I see it, these guys aren’t pushing drugs, not killin anybody, they just wanna ride somewhere just as my own friends and myself want to. So aside from not obeying traffic lights, not wearing helmets, and unecessarily drawing disruptive attention towards bored law official’s. I say this is America, it would be nice if this state could ease up on the communist play. Perhaps Maryland could try a trial period and come up with lenient rules for operating certain off road vehicles on a street or back road, and see how much people abuse it before they go all out and do something retarded like take and destroy bikes. Me and my buddy’s actually joked about loadin up our trucks and goin to druid hill one sunday to ride and meet with these guys, just so we could ride together somewhere without gettin chased.

  6. ed busch says:

    i live in baltimore,it sucks to hear the bikes that are to loud to be riding in and out of alleys,between row houses,b-more has mostly row houses its like artifical canyons between them(the houses) the way they ride is dangerous true,but its the noise that kills you

  7. You guys are nuts supporting these people. They do not just ride or do it legally, they ride down sidewalks, attack people.

    They are a GANG, not people trying to ride dirtbikes or ATV’s in the city with some sort of courtesy and respect as in a automobile, hell even here people drive like nutcases and are constantly almost causing accidents.

    They are CRIMINALS and GANGS. Not just buddies riding around. HUGE difference.

  8. BMore says:

    If you are defending these guys or their rights to ride dirtbikes and 4 wheelers through downtown then you have not been caught in the middle of a pack of 30-40 dirt bikes and ATV’s with no licenses, no headlights, no helmets, and no way out. They are like a swarm of hornets that envelope all the cars on the road. If you are the only car on the road then you do not feel safe. According to BPD a Bmore dirt bike gang “threw a brick in someone’s car window and bashed up his car”. According to the Baltimore Sun they have crashed into cars and assaulted people. This isn’t a movie, this is a street riot on wheels that has holds a regular parade every Sunday evening.

    According to BPD: “they do not allow us to engage in a police pursuit of them because of threat of injury to the public” and because they cross multiple districts. Also according to BPD: “they ride every sundy evening”.

    I’ve personally run into the swarm of bikers on the streets twice now. They ride south on Monroe past Washington Blvd., then turn off near Annapolis Rd or Baltimore/Washington Parkway, then about 10-15 minutes later they ride up North Charles St. All this happens between 7:30pm and 8pm, or least it did 9/5/10. There are at least 4-5 red and white dirt bikes, 2-3 blue ones, and 2-3 four wheelers in the pack. None (ZERO – I counted as they drove by – I was 5 feet away) had helmets on, license plates, or lights on their bikes. The group thinned out after Carroll Park. At the intersection of Carroll and Washington Blvd. nearly all of them were doing wheelies (dirt bikes and 4 wheelers).

    The city has cameras that recorded them between 7:30 and 8pm driving through the intersection of North Charles and Mulberry St. The cameras there are fixed and should have caught them at 3 different angles.

    If the city knows WHEN and WHERE these guys ride then WHY isn’t the city able to set a trap for them? Once a week they have an opportunity.

    The Baltimore Sun has a post about this on their blog, here:

  9. brucie B says:

    There never going to fix it anyway.. They can try to catch us but will never happen folks! Cops are to slow! i would like to see them take my bike outta my yard… ill put some hot 1’s in there ass

  10. brucie B says:

    and for all you “PUNKS” suck balls!!! Let us have fun or the murder rate will be as high as it was in the 70’s and 80’s. You dont want that do you? Maryland government needs to get off there ass and help us get some place to ride.

  11. joe says:

    And what is the great city of baltimore doing about loud mufflers on so called street legal motorcycles? Absolutely nothing. When are the streets going to be cleared from this noise? This intrusive noise is a violation of our right to quiet and theft of public space.

    C.A.L.M. USA

    Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles

    We are an organization founded to act as an educational platform and sounding board for those that are
    fed up with the constant noise that is caused by illegal exhaust mufflers installed on street legal motorcycles.

    Our goal is to educate you as to why motorcycles with illegal exhaust systems are almost free from
    receiving a traffic violation in certain states and what can be done to curb this obnoxious unnecessary noise from our environment.

    We at CALM are not against motorcycles and their safety. What we are against is those motorcycle enthusiasts
    who believe that we enjoy hearing a motorcycle a mile away!

    Let us examine the law that pertains to motorcycle exhausts state by state and what can be done to virtually eliminate motorcycle
    with illegal exhaust systems to be on our highways and in our neighborhoods.

    The noise of a weed whacker serves a purpose, a lawnmower serves a purpose, a whistle serves a purpose,
    a horn serves a purpose, a siren serves a purpose even a dog barking serves a purpose.
    We fail to see the purpose of a loud motorcycle. If a loud exhaust system increased the safety of a vehicle then the
    Department of Transportation Safety Administration and the EPA would have addressed it by now!

    We urge the citizens to call your local law enforcement and complain to them about the noise and have them explain why
    they are unable to enforce the law. Please get back to us with their comments so we can enlighten our web audience as to
    the difficulties that law enforcement is faced with because the laws are purposefully kept vague to control exhaust noise from motorcycles.

    If Noise makes a motorcycle safe than the laws should be changed to reflect the health and safety of the rider. Conversely,
    that if a motorcycle has to be noisy to be safe, than it would be safe to presume, that they are dangerous to be ridden on our highways.

    We see Through the Touchy-Feely B.S.

    They hide behind all these charity runs (Poker Runs, http://www.cyclefish.com/browse_events.php) to create an image
    of caring and community involvement. The real reason is to gain political and community support to look the other way
    when it comes to illegal pipes, no- helmets and additional safety gear. Around our area all they do is go from bar to bar!

    • Chester says:

      Hey Joe,
      I’d much rather you hear me a mile away and think I’m an asshole instead of being run over AGAIN because you or someone else didn’t know I was there. Exactly like I did in the summer of 2006 by a young woman who was on her phone and ignoring me and everything else around her. So yeah, you can hate the sound of my GSX-R and it’s D&D exhaust all you want. As long as you know I’m there and don’t hit me it’s doing it’s job in my book. Guess what else. They have laws against motorcycle exhausts over certain decibel limits. They’re usually not enforced because law engforcement realizes who typically wins in a car vs. bike encounter. I’ll gladly pay the ticket any day if it means you know I’m there (even if you’re not happy about it.)

    • ed says:

      get a lfe you loser