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Bad day for Bentley

Posted in Bentley by davidallen | August 14th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

When we mention a recall we are normally talking about cars that us average people drive and normally it is a matter of public and driver safety, which is why a recall no matter how small or serious, is most defiantly and important piece of information. Especially if you happen to be the owner of the vehicle in question.

Fortunately in this case the recall only affects 520 cars, so that would normally not really warrant coverage, but when the car is a $250,000 Bentley Arnage, then it truly is a piece of interesting news.

bentley arnage

Apparently there is a problem with the wheels, or rather the bolts that attached the wheels to the car, these are the wrong size and it is possible that they could work their way loose and ultimately the wheel could fall off, not the sort of publicity that a prestige auto maker like Bentley would like or need.

bentley arnage

The owners of these vehicles have been contacted and the short change over will be done in no time at all. It would be really great to see all of those wealthy and famous Bentley Arnage owners queuing outside of the dealerships waiting for the wheel bolts to be changed over.

The whole episode is a bit of a mystery because these cars are virtually built by hand, and in fact the cars that have been recalled were built over an eighteen month period. One thing is for sure that something really went wrong here, because if you intend to spend $250,000 on a car, you would probably expect that the quality control would be the best that there is.

Source [Cars.com]

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