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Need For Speed: Underground Edition and the PGA met to produce the California Roadster, the golf cart designed with the “nueve riche”/MTV CRIBS crowd in mind.  With a wheelbase of 85″ and an approximate weight of 541 lbs, the Roadster is a miniature version of the plug-in hybrids the big boys are working on. Powered by Trojan T-875 8-volt batteries and boasting about 11-horsepower, the Roadster maxes out at a reasonable 25mph – the perfect speed for cruising by the trust fund babes. 

Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, the Roadster’s all-aluminum chassis features an independent front suspension and 4-wheel shock absorbers providing a no-slosh guaranteeon your drink of choice (although it should be noted, the Roadsters pictured here don’t strike me as rides that would appeal to anyone other than the beer-out-of-a-bottle-no-matter-how-rich-I-am demographic).

In addition, the Roadster also features a locking glove box and trunk, presumably for “golfing” accessories but also conveniently providing for the “I’m sorry Officer, but you’re going to need a warrant for that” – defense. [Pictures Below]

For the safety-minded the optional addition of seat belts, recreational vehicle registration, and VIN assignment will earn you NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) certification. For the fiscally-prudent, that same NEV certification might also quality you for a 7.5% federal tax deduction.

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