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B.A.T. Automotive: Blind as a bat…

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Bart Hickey B.A.T. Automotive

Anyone who has ever wrenched on an automobile knows that for the most part you utilize your five senses. For instance you can smell if your oil or transmission fluid is cooked. Your sense of touch allows you to feel if a part is broken and your hearing will clue you in as to whether an engine is not running properly. What if you could do all of these things but in the end you couldn’t actually SEE what you were working on. Might make things difficult right? For most of us, yes, working on a car without sight would seem almost impossible, but for Bart Hickey of B.A.T. Automotive in Alsip, Illinois, it’s just business as usual. His issues of Popular Mechanics are in braille as are his customer information cards. What Bart Hickey does on a day to day basis is remarkable, yet he’s worried about the newer technology in automobiles as the equipment to diagnose them is to expensive for small shops such as his to purchase. He talks about his 1969 Dodge Dart, his Dad’s old 1951 Pontiac Chieftain and how his folks never let him use his blindness as a crutch. For us, this short video is both amazing and inspiring, for Bart Hickey though it’s just another day at the office.

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