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Aznom Land Rover Defender: Customization done right.

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Aznom Land Rover Defender

Launched more than 60 years ago the Land Rover Defender has a reputation for a no-holds-barred off road machine that tackles terrain with a take no prisoners attitude. They are gruff, slow and about as aerodynamic as a barn door. Defenders are also generally not known for their luxurious interiors as they are more of a work horse than anything else. It seems now however that Italian coach builder Aznom wants to change that. The Land Rover Defender you see here has been completely customized by Aznom and I have to say that the changes are not only tastefully done but make one hell of a difference in the Defenders overall appeal.

Aznom Land Rover Defender

On the outside Aznom has added carbon-fiber bumpers along with a trick black and white paint job with red accents. They’ve also completely redone the interior in such a manner that it could rival the best from any high end auto manufacturer out there. Light brown leather and Alcantara accents compliment the seats and upper dash while a carbon fiber 3-spoke steering wheel and dash bezel rounds out the rest of the package. Aznom is not widely known here in America but with work like this, they should be.

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