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Awesome Stop Motion Car Chase: Circa 1978

Posted in Car Chase, Crashes, General, Videos by MrAngry | September 28th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

For some reason I got a bug up my ass today and decided to do a little research on animated car chases. As a whole there really aren’t to many of them in existence so finding one that I deemed good enough to show you guys was a bit of a chore. I scoured all the video sites and finally found this gem on Youtube.com. Now, while it’s not animation in the Bugs Bunny/Mickey Mouse sense, this car chase is an absolute hoot to watch. Shot on a Super8 camera back in 1978 by Youtube member robson4416, the video gets it soundtrack from movies like Bullit, The Laughing Policeman and McQ. Keep in mind that this little video short has not won any awards, nor is it one that has been recognized the world over. Simply put, it’s just a very cool little car film that was shot by some young Dude with a video camera over 30 years ago.

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