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Awesome Behind the Scenes Footage of BULLITT Chase.

Posted in Car Chase, Celebrity Cars, Movie Cars, Movies, muscle cars, Videos by MrAngry | August 26th, 2010 | 1 Response |

It’s one of the most famous chase sequences ever filmed and is considered by some to be the king of the genre. The car chase seen in the movie BULLITT, starring Steve McQueen was groundbreaking when filmed in 1968, and at almost 8 minutes long it’s also one of the most intense. Filmed at speed, every shot was choreographed by Steve McQueen and stuntman Bill Hickman to ensure it was as authentic as possible. The above video shows some very rare footage of the process that McQueen went through to ensure that the audience would have the best experience possible when viewing the film. It also contains footage and reasons as to how other parts of the movie were filmed, but feel free to simply blast through those and get right to the chase stuff, that’s after all what you really want to see isn’t it?

Source: TopSpeed.com

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