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Awe-Inspiring Miura Replica

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The Lamborghini Miura is automotive perfection. Its sweeping lines and brute strength seduce the soul. The howl of its V12 reduces grown men to gelatinous blobs of desire. But few have the privilege of possessing the Miura. Which is why a very fortunate man in Illinois is having this stunning Miura replica built by hand from the chassis of a lowly Fiero. Seriously.

Source: BuildThreads.com

I came across this spectacular build over at one of our favorite blogs, BuildThreads.com. Somehow a guy in Illinois got ahold of a pretty good reproduction fiberglass Miura body, likely made for a custom-framed kit car. Unfortunately, the custom frame was long gone, so he hired a top-notch fabricator to make one out of a Fiero. The builder, who goes by the handle Archie on a Fiero forum, has painstakingly documented the build here.

The thread is simply amazing. Archie started by stripping the Fiero, then slicing the frame and lengthening it by five inches. Then he reinforced the Fiero chassis with boxed steel tubing. The chassis was media blasted and powder coated. From there, things get intense.

Archie and his crew reworked and reinforced the fiberglass body with steel. Then they fabricated every single piece of the car’s interior in fiberglass. Finally, he dropped in a Chevy LS3 V8 and a six-speed transmission. Of course, there are a million details in between, all laid out in the 19-page thread.

The finished car is stunning. If the owner sourced original Lambo wheels, few would be able to differentiate it from the original. Simply extraordinary.

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