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AutoTrader Find of the Day: 1997 BMW M3 FEMA Edition

Posted in auto industry, BMW, Cars, eBay Motors by Suzanne Denbow | December 10th, 2009 | 2 Responses |


Today’s AutoTrader/Craigslist/eBay find of the day came down to a tight race between a matte black technician-owned 1997 M3 out of Arizona and the Techno Violet E36 M3 pictured here. The cars were virtually the same with the only noticeable differences being the color, 20,000 miles, and $1,400 large. Neither came equipped with a proper transmission, however, which means ownership is largely for show and when using that logic to individually evaluate the two, Techno Violet was the clear winner.

Unfortunately, although the Brosport currently leads a peaceful life in a small used import dealership in South Carolina, what the AutoTrader listing fails to disclose is that prior to a year and a half ago this particular E36 was registered in the FEMA-sanctioned flood disaster land of Mississippi (hat tip to Carfax). There is no salvage title to confirm that it was directly affected by Hurricane Katrina though, so don’t dismiss it entirely until you’ve completed (or hired out) a thorough inspection…or the mildew particles become airborne.

Source: AutoTrader

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2 Responses

  1. This guy says:

    …wait, so you pick the possible water damaged, rust prone, Mississippi mud vehicle over a mechanically sound vehicle owned by a technician located in a dry climate state…. I am pretty sure you picked the wrong car for your “find of the day” duh!

  2. Tossed Biotech Salad Eggwich xB Face says:

    I like to claim that I evaluate cars purely from a functional standpoint.by what they can do, and thus color is irrelevant. Then a purple car comes along and makes me admit that I’m full of schit.