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Automotive X-Prize Entrants Join the Field at 2008 Detroit Auto Show

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The Auto Industry’s regulars will be sharing space this year in Detroit with the fuel efficient X-Prize entrants at this years North American International Auto Show. The goal of the X-Prize is to encourage teams and corporations to “design viable, clean and super-efficient cars that people want to buy.” To that end the organizers of the Automotive X-Prize have amassed a reward of $10,000,000 for the car that is deemed the best among them.

The Detroit Auto Show in January will be the first chance that the general public will be able to look over all the participating vehicles and to determine for themselves if the innovations on display are ready for the road. Pictured above is the Aptera which has been featured both here and in other publications as a 300 mpg, 3-wheeled alternative to your average commuter car. At this point the Aptera is already taking orders for their car in the $30,000 range and with the option of all-electric or hybrid engines.

Look for more coverage of all the X-Prize participants as they are displayed at the Detroit Auto Show next month. There are surely to be many fascinating designs that if not in production in the coming years may spawn further innovations within the auto industry.


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