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Automotive Secrets: Do You Keep Them?

Posted in auto industry, Best of, News, People, Pop Culture by MrAngry | September 20th, 2011 | 7 Responses |

Top Secret

Being a new transplant to the state of California I’m trying hard not to piss people off until after they get to know me, however it’s proving more difficult then I anticipated. Yesterday was just another sunny day here in CA, so I decided to take my ’68 Charger out for a spin. I cruised around for little bit, hit the highway and some back roads and finally came to rest at a little coffee shop where I figured I treat myself to a nice cup-o-joe to round out my day. I parked out front, walked in and proceeded to order. As I was in line a gentleman began to inquire about my car and mentioned that he too had an old Charger of the 1970 vintage. He asked me about the engine, suspension modifications and what wheel and tire size I was running, all of which I answered honestly.

I then asked him similar questions about his car at which point he became very evasive. He said he was running a 440 big block, but when it came time for particulars he wouldn’t give out any information. I then asked about his suspension and any brake modifications and received the same BS-style answers. I’m not very good at one-sided conversations and because of this I bid him good day and walked out. My question is, what reason would someone have to be so secretive that they wouldn’t share information between like-minded enthusiasts, I mean isn’t this what the hobby is all about?

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7 Responses

  1. ds440 says:

    My guess is that he didn’t really have a Charger or he was not very “car savvy” and his ego was forcing him to bs his way through the conversation.

    The only time I’ve encountered such a conversation is when a gentleman I met was trying to convince me that his 69 Camaro “only had a stock 350″…..later I come to find out (the hard way) he really had an all aluminum 427. Yeah, the lessons we learn in youth. :)

    • James says:

      I’m going with the ladder of the two. I’ve found that people will just lie to include themselves in the conversation (While also being better than you). I have an Evo X and I can’t tell you how many times someone ‘has totally ripped up evo’s in this car’ or ‘my buddy has (insert turbo car here) that runs 9’s’. The list goes on, people can’t handle ‘You have a very nice car, what’s under the hood/what modifications have you done?’. Although I’ll admit that some stories are plausable, most of them are bullshit 1 up stories because it would prove difficult for me, not knowing anything about you, to prove you wrong. Although I don’t particularly care for the akwardness of catching someone in a lie, I can’t stand being lied to. So whenever someone starts Bullshitting me and my detector goes off, I boast about my ‘buddies’ GT-R.

  2. Paully W says:

    Tell him to go fuck himself. Then don’t pay for the butter

  3. Set says:

    Welcome to California, filled with fruits, nuts, and flakes. What’d I tell you when you were moving out here?

  4. Brandon says:

    Is is possible that he was casing your car? Maybe he was trying to find out what you were running so he could take it for himself… Just a thought. Love your site man!

  5. Some people are just private and don’t like to share information; they are anti-social. I’m like that; I always deflect answers about every aspect of my life. However, I am assume that he’s not like that since he started by asking you questions about your car. If you’re gonna ask then you should tell too.

    So I am guessing he probably was making conversation but that he doesn’t have the technical “know how” to explain the specs his car in detail. Maybe he just wanted to hear what type of car you had but he doesn’t know what he has.

  6. Sherman says:

    He may not have known what he has. He might just drive the car and he has a shop that maintains it.