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Automotive Hall of Fame Inducts 8 New Members

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2008 Automotive Hall of Fame commemorative stone

Last night, eight new auto industry legends were inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame during a ceremony in Detroit. Of the honorees, several were awarded posthumously, but all were recognized for the indelible impression they’ve made on the industry. The inductees included: William Metzger (September 30, 1868 – April 11, 1933) an American auto pioneer, who was honored for his significant contributions to early growth in the industry, including the establishment of the first independent auto dealer in the U.S. in 1887, John North Willys (1873-1935) owner and proprietor of Willys-Overland Motor Co, legendary for his part in engineering what is referred to today as the Jeep, Paul Galvin (1895-1959) co-founder of Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, presently known as Motorola – one of the largest communications developers in the world and one of NASCAR’s premium sponsors, and Robert Galvin, son of Paul Galvin, Robert assumed controlling authority of Motorola after his father’s death.

The other new inductees include Jack Telnack, former head of design for Ford Motor Company, most notable for his distinction as the lead designer of the Ford Taurus; Mort Schwartz, who founded the Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium in 1996; Phil Hill (April 20, 1927 – August 28, 2008), the first American to win the Formula 1 World Drivers Championship, and Bob Irvin (1933-1980), reporter for Detroit News who eventually advanced to editor-at-large of Automotive News and associate publisher of Auto Week.

[Source: AutoNews]

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