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Automotive Flash Games: Part II

Posted in Games, Video Games by MrAngry | March 4th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Back in the beginning of February I posted up the Top Ten Automotive Flash Games. Well, the response was so overwhelming that I figured we should do a Part II. I mean the Internet is REALLY big and I couldn’t have found all of them right? So, I did more digging, played more games (life’s a bitch at times I know) and came up with another ten games that will help you waste your day.

1. Monster Truck Rally Speed Rush

Right off the bat I knew this game was going to be fun due to the great 3D modeling. Your goal is simple, run the track as fast as you can and gather points up along the way. Also feel free to hit the ramps to see if you can make that truck of yours do some killer back flips.

Click here to play.

2. Volkswagen Tuner

I’ll be honest here and say that there is absolutely no action whatsoever to be had. This little paint box of a game is quite addictive. Your only real mission is to design your vision of what a classic VW Bus should have looked like. Again, not too fancy but still fun.

Click here to play.

3. Drunk Driver

Right out of the box this game is going to piss you off. It’s not easy but it is entertaining. Your job is to pilot what looks like a Ferrari 308 without slamming into anything. Using only the space bar you must navigate through traffic while being intoxicated with up to 15 pints of brew in your system.

Click here to play.

4. Drag Racer V3

Well, I just wasted 40 minutes playing this thing. At first glance the game looks fairly simple, but rest assured that it’s pretty freakin’ hard. You not only choose your car, but your class, modifications and track length. Then when racing you have to concentrate on shift points as well as engine temperature so you don’t blow your motor. This is a helluva’ lot of fun and something that is guaranteed to get you through a slow afternoon.

Click here to play.

5. Turbo Crew

Think Spy Hunter without the guns – that is basically what Turbo Crew is. Lock onto your intended targets and bump, bash or slam them off the road. You can also get in front of them and lock-up the wheels with the e-brake and cause’ some vehicular mayhem.

Click here to play.

6. Retro Rally

For a 2D game the graphics are really pretty good. The key here is to get your car around the track as quickly as possible by using your mouse to regulate your movement and speed. It definitely takes some practice but it’s quite rewarding once you get the hang of it.

Click here to play.

7. Stunt Dirt Bike

Visually there is absolutely nothing impressive about this game and to be honest the game play isn’t all that great either. For some reason though I just couldn’t stop playing it and kept trying to get that damned dirt bike over the logs. You can also use a quad if you wish but the dirt bike is a bit more rewarding.

Click here to play.

8. Zip Zaps Street Rally

Remember a few years ago when those little micro remote control cars were all the rage. Well back then Radio Shack had come out with there own versions of these things called Zip Zaps. This game was one way of promoting them. You take the controls and navigate your way through a pretty big track that runs around a sewer system. There are obstacles that can get in your way such as gum (you will get stuck), wrappers and the occasional soda can. All in all it’s a pretty fun little time waster. Just remember to keep your batteries charged.

Click here to play.

9. Four Wheel Fury 2

Now this is cool. Plant your ass on the seat of a quad, let the 3D screens load up and proceed to rip around the dirt track. You’ve got jumps, rain, flying dirt and competition all bundled up in one fun little package. Enjoy.

Click here to play.

10. 18 Wheeler 3

From the title graphic I really wasn’t expecting this to be any good but came away pleasantly surprised. The main goal here is to drive your rig around while picking up and dropping off loads. It’s not overly complicated and you will need to be careful not to jackknife the truck. Make sure you watch your damage indicator as well.

Click here to play.

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  1. Jake says:

    Drag Racer v3 (and earlier versions) is definitely one of my favorite flash games.