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Auto-X, Road Course or Drag Racing? What’s Your Pleasure?

Posted in Best of, General, Newsworthy by MrAngry | May 2nd, 2012 | 5 Responses |

Road Racing

If you’re into automotive competition then odds are you fall into one of three categories. You’re either a road racer, auto-crosser or a drag racer. Sure there are those who go outside the box and participate in things like rallying or drifting, but for the most part the above three are where it’s at. Personally, I’m a road course guy. Give me a nice track with a great straightaway, some high speed corners and a few elevation changes and I’m in heaven. Auto-X is fun as well, but I generally like to get out of 2nd gear from time to time and drag racing… well, it just seems like an awful lot of effort for 10 seconds of fun. How about you guys though – what, if anything do you like to compete in?

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5 Responses

  1. djrosa says:

    well to me i prefer drag rally-x and drift as its the only my wallet will allow in the forseeable future. auto-x goes out the window as there are very few events organised in sweden. and if i were to try track racingi need a budget of atleast 80k$. now dragracing you can do on “the street” as there are many well organised street races in my town with closed down straights and lookouts everywhere. for drifting you only need a winter road and a old bmw (winter half of the year here). and by rallyx i mean a special race which is sorta like the american derbys only smaller cars and rougher tracks. now these are all after my wallet if money was no object id spend most of my time building the fastest top door slammer or race in some sort of low tier roadrace.

  2. I used to be a die hard drag race fan, but after hitting the autocross course I am hooked. I will be working towards building a competent road course/autox car in the near future out of the drag race project I was building.

  3. Canrith says:

    I try to compete at the strips, but road courses are my favorite hobby.

  4. Danneh says:

    well I’m 15 and I’m aiming for open-wheeling in the future so I guess I fall under Karting/Road Racing for now, but 125cc karts can be fun to hoon once in awhile until you realize you pretty much used up all of your tires for practice that day

  5. Set says:

    Rally rally rally or rally-x. Road courses are fun and all, but nothing gets me as excited as rally.