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Auto Club Revolution: The Next Step in Online Automotive Gaming.

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Automotive console gaming is nothing new and has been around since the days of the Atari 2600. Granted back then we basically piloted little blue squares around a circle track, but to gamers back in the day, that was quality stuff. Now 30 years later the times have changed and we have this great thing out there called the internet. Here we can find everything from instructions on how to bake a cake, to how to rebuilt a carburetor, it’s quite amazing actually. For gamers the internet opened up a whole new world of interaction where people could compete virtually against each other online. This was something that was not only cool, but revolutionary.

Eutechnyx, the world’s leading independent racing game developer is now poised to take us to the next level in online gaming with the announcement of Auto Club Revolution, or ACR.


“Auto Club Revolution lets car enthusiasts take their dream garage and make it a virtual reality – then gather with other like-minded people and have a blast interacting and playing,” says Darren Jobling, COO, of Eutechnyx. “It’s completely free-to-play with premium items, accessible to all players of all ages and abilities, and offers a level of realism never before seen in a racing game or automotive online world.”


Since the ACR community is based 100% online, the gaming community itself will help shape the games overall experience. This is something that can already be seen at the games interactive voting site where you can not only vote on potential cars, but tracks as well. So if enough votes are generated by the gaming community on something that they deem fit, well then, don’t be surprised if it winds up being the game – that’s how this works.

To register your vote for the cars you want to see in ACR, please visit http://vote.autoclubrevolution.com/.

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