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Cash for Clunkers in Action

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Some NSFW language

I don’t want to go off on an economics rant about the broken window fallacy called Cash for Clunkers, so I’ll just post a few videos of the program in action and let you draw your own conclusions.

Update: In case you’re unaware what these videos are all about… the dealerships that accept the “clunkers” in a Cash for Clunkers deal are required to destroy the motor by replacing the oil with a sand/water mixture. That’s what these videos are documenting, the purposeful destruction of automobile engines as was required by the Cash for Clunkers law.

“Society loses the value of objects unnecessarily destroyed,” and at this aphorism, which will make the hair of the protectionists stand on end: “To break, to destroy, to dissipate is not to encourage national employment,” or more briefly: “Destruction is not profitable.”
– Frédéric Bastiat

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Little Tip: Will Give You AIDS or Something… Right?

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Answer: Wrong

There are plenty of reasons to hate/fear/be disgusted by the Cash for Clunkers program (now called Car Allowance Rebate System – CARS)… but this isn’t one of them. So as much as I enjoy Glenn Beck’s anti-government ravings, I’m going to have to call him out on this one.

The jist of the above video is this: When you log on to, the government can gain control of all your files and everything in your house and your firstborn son, simply because of a loosely worded security statement. This is erroneous, on all counts. Read on:
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Ridelust Film of the Day: ‘Le Mans’ (1971) Starring Steve McQueen

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Superclass watchmaker TAG Heuer recently took some footage of Steve McQueen from his 1971 classic film Le Mans and awkwardly stuffed it into a commercial so they could pit him against the current F1 champ, Lewis Hamilton. It was interesting to see McQueen go head-to-head with Hamilton, but all the ad really did was make me want to watch the original film.

So keeping with the Ridelust tradition of bringing you the finest automotive cinema (The Italian Machine and C’était un Rendez-Vous), here’s the 1971 Steve McQueen classic in it’s entirety… Le Mans:
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Transcript of Andrew Farah’s Webchat: The Chevy Volt’s Chief Engineer Answers Some Questions


A few days ago, at around 4pm on June 25th, Chevrolet Volt chief engineer Andrew Farah took some time out to answer questions about the car via a live webchat hosted at the official GM FastLane blog.

Farah has been involved in the development of the Volt since around early 2007, and he’s apparently the first person to drive the brand new “production intent” Volt. I was looking forward to getting some juicy news about the electrojesus car, but it turned out to be a little more like a PR stunt with none of my questions slipping past. So I added an addendum at the bottom of the transcript which includes a couple of my questions and simulated answers. Enjoy, Ridelusters.
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The State of Detroit’s Auto Brands:

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A Follow Up to the 9 Detroit Auto Brands We’d Miss the Least


On December 3rd of 2008, we published an article entitled “9 Detroit Auto Brands We’d Miss the Least” encouraging the Detroit automakers to slim down and get rid of some of their brands. The argument was, that just like Aron Ralston cutting off his own arm to survive, the major US car manufacturers needed to take drastic action and cut off some major portions of their business in order to keep the business alive as a whole.

Almost 7 months later, we’re back with a follow-up to see which of our original 9 brands survived and which ones went the way of Oldsmobile and Geo. Check it:
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Ferrari to Donate a Special Edition F430 for the Abruzzo Earthquake Relief

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Abruzzo F430
Ferrari F430 – Abruzzo Special Edition

Last month, an earthquake caused major damage and claimed nearly 300 lives in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Ferrari has decided to help the cause by auctioning off one of their vehicles.

Later this year, the very last F430 will roll off the line at Maranello. So Ferrari has announced it will be fitting that particular car with two-tone silver and gold, the official colors of Aquila (the city worst hit by the earthquake); some extra equipment from Ferrari’s Carrozzeria Scaglietti customization catalog; and a letter of authenticity from the company’s president, Luca di Montezemolo. Nice.

The car will go up for auction in a few days at the Leggenda e Passione. Considering that a brand new, non-special Ferrari F430 goes for more than $200,000 dollars, and taking into account the fact that this money is going to charity (a charity very big in Italy right now)… this special edition, final F430 could go into the 7 figures.

Check out the press release below:
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Car Art: Transmutant’s Flying Pink Suzuki LJ and Functional 4-Legged Robot

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I have a special place my heart for scrap yards, having worked at one for a few years. So I’m a fan of anything salvage-related. The carnage of ripping things apart can only be topped by putting those bits back together in a strange way, and making them work.

The artists of Transmutant are definitely salvage-related. They’re like a bizarre Euro version of a Burning Man version of Junkyard Wars. That’s a triple combination I can get into. Read More…

Girls of the 2009 Shanghai Auto Show

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I love auto show girls. Actually, I love all girls, but still… there is something especially appealing about the auto show girl. Maybe it’s because we see them next to a car and automatically assume they have some automotive knowledge? Or that they’re at least interested in the cars? We love girls who love things we love. Which is also why we love lesbians. It’s a complicated and bizarre thought process going on inside the male brain. Actually, I take that back, it’s not complicated at all.

Either way, the fact remains that men love auto show girls, and last month, the 13th biennial (it’s a word, look it up, it means “every two years”) Auto Shanghai was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Classy digs, apparently, and the girls were equally classy. Those Chinamen really know how to throw a party. So we snagged a few pictures of the scenery for you, loyal Ridelusters. Enjoy! Read More…

94 Minutes of WRC Rally Car Crashes

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There are people who watch NASCAR and Formula 1 and WRC just for the crashes, and then there are well-adjusted people who just want to see a clean, quality, high speed race. There are people who enjoy high speed races, and there are people who enjoy high speed races and death. And fireballs.

So, in the interest of bringing the people what they want, here is an hour and half long montage of WRC crashes. Enjoy, you sick freaks. I watched it twice.

Ridelust Rant: Chrysler’s ‘Managed Bankruptcy’ is Fascism

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Chrysler Fiat

I didn’t want any stock in Chrysler, but now I have some. So do you. The government is buying up Chrysler stock with our money, and without our permission. As far as I know, the constitution doesn’t give the president the right to be the forced stockbroker to every citizen in the country. Maybe I missed that part.

Anyway, here are the facts:
Chrysler is going bankrupt, but not normal Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they’re going into “managed bankruptcy“. The US taxpayer is putting up the majority of the cash, at least $12 billion, and we only get 10 percent ownership in the company. I say “at least $12 billion” because the original estimates were always way too low, so there is no logical reason to think this new estimate will be any different. Read on for more:
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