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Toyota Recall Woes Continue

Posted in car modifications, Cars, Mechanics, Toyota by Jon | February 13th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

Lately it seems that there are three certain things in life, death, taxes and a weekly Toyota recall. Toyota has announced the recall of nearly 8,000 Tacomas that have a problem with their drive shaft . A report recently surfaced stating that a crack formed in the rear joint, causing the drive shaft to shake loose and may drop straight out of the truck. These “cracks may have developed during the manufacturing process.” Whatever the cause of this issue, it makes us ask ourselves, “How can one company self-destruct themselves in less than one month?” This most recent recall for the Tacoma’s drive shaft isn’t nearly as big of a problem as the previus recalls but how does Toyota expect to recover from all of these problems.  Anyone who may be affected by this recall can call Toyota at 1-800-331-4331 for more information. Toyota dealers will also perform a ten minute inspection of the trucks and if they find any problem they will replace the drive shaft free of charge. Tell us if you would still buy any Toyota.

Looks like a Ford, sounds like a Lambo

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So there is a guy who likes Fords, but he also likes Lamborghinis. What else is there to do other than dropping a V-10 and transaxle into a Mustang. Sounds simple right??? Its name is Tractorri, an unappealing name for a somewhat attractive car. This vehicle took one Mustang shell, parts of a must, parts of a Gallardo, and hours upon hours of labor. There isn’t much information about this car other than what the people who posted had to say about it.

The crown jewel of our private collection: The Tractorri. The short version? This is a body-in-white ’07 Mustang shell with the mechanicals from a Lamborghini Gallardo underneath. From the ABS to the AWD to the E-gear transmission everything works. The long version adds two more Mustangs for parts, thousands of hours of labor and enough one-off parts to make most show cars blush. Oh, and our president drives it around—he put over 1500 miles on it this summer alone! Built and maintained by our own Rick Roush this is a werewolf in wolf’s clothing! Check out the pictures for now and we’ll have a full description of the build and show history up shortly!

I mean a Ford Mustang is far from a sleeper, but if I rolled up next to a Mustang and heard a V-10 roaring under the hood, I would be a little surprised and in shock. What kind of monster will they fabricate next.

Why you’re just not as cool as James Bond

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If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be “Bond, James Bond”, then you are far from being alone. Every man who as ever watched a James Bond movie has walked out of the movie theater or maybe just got up off the couch thinking, “Damn I wish i was that cool.” And while we all think we know what it takes to be agent 007, its not just the Golden Gun or unbelievable swagger. You must also have “cojones” the size of basketballs. No one in their right mind can tell themselves that they would perform a stunt like this car barrel roll seen in the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun.” The amazing thing is at the very end of this clip you see Bond’s face and it looks like the flip did not phase him in the slightest. And until we are willing to repeat that feat, we can all keep dreaming.

Crash Test Gone Wrong

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Now when we are looking to buy a car, not all of us really care about the “safety” of the car as long as it looks good. This is just because the NHTSA has put such strict safety regulations down for cars in America that we don’t really have to worry about it anymore. But just imagine if that car was available thirty or fourty years ago. They are just a moving death trap. Most cars today have a crumple zone in the front and rear of the car but the main body is a rigid structure, like a steel cage. The crumple zone decreases the force of the impact by extending the collision. Imagine the crumple zones as a soft foam. We would much rather fall on to soft foam than a concrete floor because the foam extends the time of impact, making it much less painful. But the engineers of this car forgot that if you make the whole car a crumple zone, the passengers will crumple as well. So the next time we complain about paying federal taxes, just think, this might have been your car.

Toyota says it’s a friction problem, or is it something else???

Posted in Car Tech, Celebrity Cars, Toyota by Jon | February 2nd, 2010 | 1 Response |

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who drives a Toyota Prius, recently told a group of people of an unexpected and unintentional acceleration problem he experienced. Remember the Prius is not currently under recall. This makes Wozniak believe that, “This is software. It’s not a bad accelerator pedal.”  Now Wozniak is not the first person to bring up the idea of the possible software problem. Two former administrators for the NHTSA, Ricardo Martinez and Joan Claybrook, believe that there is some electronic glitch causing all of Toyota’s problems. Many other independent saftey experts are also saying the same things. But its Wozniak’s expertise in software and programming that packs the  biggest punch in this claim. The computer guru has also stated that he can duplicate the acceleration problem over and over at a certain speed while in cruise control. Its important to take into account that cars in the Toyota fleet  have a gas pedal that isn’t actually connected to the engine mechanically, but the engine actually relies on software input from the gas pedal to relay acceleration information. This makes the possibility of an electrical or computer error much more likely. So whether Toyota is trying to cover some bigger problem by doing a quick and easy “fix” we will soon find out, but for the time being, it makes us think.

Chrysler now to offer incentives to Toyota customers

Posted in Car Deals, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Toyota by Jon | January 31st, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Just a few days ago General Motors announced that they would be offering a few incentives to any Toyota car following the recent recalls Toyota has announced. Ford and Hyundai soon followed after deciding that it would be a good idea to capitalize on Toyota’s misfortune, while Chrysler still had to think over the idea. Finally Chrysler is now following suit and will be getting into the action, but unlike Ford, Hyundai, and General Motors, Chrysler will be focusing their incentives at the minivan and truck owner market.  All the way through March 1, 2o10, anyone who drives a Toyota Sienna, Tacoma or Tundra will be offered $1,ooo to switch over to a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep vehicle. There is also money available for any expiring Toyota leases as well. These new offers took in to effect earlier this week. The news of Toyota’s recalls may just blow over and they will be able to recover but with several companies “stealing” their customer base, we just can not make that judgement call right now. It will only take some time to see how these companies new incentive plans will effect Toyota

Toyota Performance Division In Development

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Better believe it, this post is about Toyota, but its not about their sticky gas pedals. Toyota Motor Company is planning a new performance line under the name of “Toyota G Sports.” Earlier this month Toyota showed off three new models from their new performance line, some more impresive than the others. The two less impressive cars, a lovely Prius with a bodykit, and a high powered Camry. Not exactly what we call high performance. However, the last car, an allegedly turbocharged Toyota FT-86, fitted with an aero kit, suspension and brake modifications made us do a double-take. Toyota’s performance division will focus on the high-end components made specifically for the street, and will most likely be sold as a complete model, but seperate componenets may be available as well. It is still unknown if these cars will make it to the United States, but if it does, expect Toyota, or maybe Scion, to offer similar packages.

GM’s New Sale Strategy

Posted in Buick, Cadillac, Car Deals, Chevrolet, GM, GMC, Toyota by Jon | January 28th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

You know its bad when you have to start attacking other car companies to make your own car’s mor appealing. It appears GM got their bashing  campaign idea from a Honda dealer in Dallas, Texas who was trying to steal a few Toyota customers away by displaing a sign that read, “Our gas pedals don’t stick.” While it is quite funny, it seems like they are getting kind of desperate.  General Motors just announced that they will be using a new incentive structure to lure Toyota car drivers towards GM vehicles. This incentive program will be in effect until the end of February. All of this comes after news that Toyota had to recall more than two million cars due to sticking gas pedals. Not only did Toyota have to recall two million cars,but several car rental companies(Avis, Enterprise, National) are pulling a larger percentage of their rental fleet. Just some more bad press for Toyota. Any current Toyota customer who wants to switch to a Buick, Cadillac Chevrolet, or GMC will be offered these three following deals.

             Lease Customers: Waiver of three payments up to $1,000

             Financing Customers: 0% financing for 60 months

             Cash Buyers: $1,000 Bonus

It is going to be interesting to see if this will knock Toyota back a little bit or will they will be able to recover from a loss of their customer base.


Getting Snow Off Of Your Car…The Long Way

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We all dread the morning after the weather channel predicts “The Storm of The Century”. Who wants to get up twenty minutes earlier than usual just to get the snow off of your car to make your drive to work possible. It’s cold and wet outside so we just do a mediocre job of getting the snow off and rush back inside for a cup of coffee.  But everyone has their own technique of getting the snow off the car. Most of us just use a brush or a broom to push the snow off but this guy’s method by far the best yet. If you have any better ideas let us now.

eBay Hyundai Genesis Coupe Controversey: Round 2

Posted in Bizarre, Hyundai by Jon | January 26th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

I’m sure you have heard about the guy would placed  a  winning bid of $16,125 on eBay for a Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T. Well the problem that insued was that the seller(Glenn Hyundai of Lexington) believed that the car was worth atleast $19,700 and refused to acknowledge the winning bid. They stay committed on the fact that they placed a reserve on the car, even though they didn’t, and they were not willing to negotiate. We all thought that the story would probably end up with the bidder getting hosed on this deal and not getting what he deserved but something just recently came up. Obviously the internet got word of this story and not many things excite people as much as a little  controversey can.  It’s not wonder that Glenn Hyundai started to recieve calls, emails, faxes and other things commenting on their dishonest actions. The attacks on the car dealership became some great that they contacted the bidder and told him that if he stopped people from harrassing them they would indeed give him a Genesis Coupe for $16,125…..allegedly. Allegedly because this deal was all made in a verbal agreement between the bidder and Glenn Hyundai and the bidder did not disclose much information about the deal. But here is the not so suprising news. Once the bidder called of the attacks, he still got no car. He is now claiming that Glenn Hyundai broke their “verbal agreement” and vehemently believes that they owe him a one. The bidder has now obatined a lawyer and contacted Hyundai but gotten no response. We will be sure to keep you updated on any new news of this conflict.