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Australian Govt. to crash street racers cars for educational films

Posted in Crash Testing, General, Legal by will bee | November 13th, 2007 | 3 Responses |

Australia takes the lead now in cracking down on illegal street racers. Not only do they have a national ad campaign that refers to “hoons” as having a small man-part they are trying to make up for but now they are taking their beloved transportation and crashing them for educational movies. So if you are an illegal racer in New South Wales there is always the chance that your car may get its fifteen minutes of fame and will be shown at schools and other facilities around the region.

 The NSW government believes that what they are doing is just, since the illegal street racers are so willing to put others lives at risk. Thus by filming and evaluating the cars they crash from convicted street racers they will be able to educate others about the risk they are putting themselves in as well as the risk to the innocent bystander. Those convicted of street racing will also have to watch the video of their car being crashed for educational purposes.

Some may feel that the government should help provide a race track or drag strip to encourage illegal street racers to get off the street, but that is not the job of government. Private enterprise needs to step up and see the lucrative potential of allowing street racers night time or weekend access to these tracks. Instead, many just sit and watch as street racers continue to jeapardize the lives of others.

torontostreetracingaccident.jpg picture by willfusion

The photo at the top of the page and the one above are of a street racing incident in Toronto. A woman in her Land Rover was racing down this street and struck another vehicle, thus sending it crashing into the house on the corner. The Land Rover was tossed to its side and slide into a pole. The female racer recovered from her injuries, but the male victim inside the other vehicle died shortly after. Do you think the friends of the victim in this case would have any problems if their province employed the same tactic of crashing illegal racers cars for educational purposes?

We have covered a few stories of local governments attempting to fight back at illegal racers with what means they have. Parts of California and Canada have moved to confiscating and crushing the cars of illegal street racers. Maybe they should all take a look Down Under for some fresh ideas.


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3 Responses

  1. Brad says:

    Clearly the woman in this incident was an idiot to begin with. Who the hell races in a Land Rover? Ohh… it has a V8… yeah, you have 8 brain cells. Good Game. Sucks about the guy in the other car, that’s for sure…

  2. alex says:

    I don’t think crashing street racers cars for educational purposes would help…I would be watching the video going: “wow check out that tight car with that turbocharger and the nitrous oxide kit”…and then when it crashes into a pole I would be like…wow…what idiot drives a car right into a pole…the people that make educational movies don’t know a thing about cars and what really happens when a street racer crashes, or what the cars do…this won’t help a bit…if they were to give street racers a place in the city that is closed off and isn’t monitered by the government so that anything can go down…then street racers would go there…

  3. Nicholas says:

    Street racers endanger the lives of innocent pedestrians and drivers who: Travel home from work, parties, to the airport, and some people will drive on the road at those hours for any reason. Street racers’ cars need to be crushed. They have no excuse for not using the track. Whether or not crushing their cars lowers the rate, they still deserve to be punished thoroughly, because street racing is wrong. I know street racers, and many of them have airstrips which they could have raced on, and also plenty of money which they could use to pay to go to a race track. If they were provided with tracks to race on, they would still street race. I don’t know why, but they street race, no matter how effortlessly they could go to a track.