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Audisicle Man Gets New Wheels

Posted in Audi, Bizarre, Infiniti, Rants & Raves by Kurt Ernst | February 14th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Pete Helfer seemed liked one of the unluckiest men in New York. To start with, he’s a Jets fan, and Jets fans seem doomed to eternal disappointment. Helfer is also the owner of the ice-encrusted Audi A3 that made the rounds on the internet a few weeks back. Like most New York residents, Helfer is forced to park on the street, which made his A3 a target for vandals, smash and grab robbers and even inattentive motorists. Ironically, it was none of those things that caused $7,300 worth of repair to his car; instead, Helfer parked next to a water pipe that was improperly repaired by New York City workers. Passing cars splashed water from the ruptured pipe onto the passenger side of Helfer’s A3; by the time he found it, the ice was several inches thick. Not willing to wait for a spring thaw, Helfer needed hammers, chisels and a blowtorch to free his imprisoned Audi.

After $7,300 worth of repairs, Helfer’s car looked new but gave him some concern. Fox News quoted him as saying, “I’m uneasy about driving it. Cars never run the same after an accident, and this is the same ice that ripped up the city’s streets”. In the case of water damage, Helfer’s got a point; if the car’s electronics were flooded, he could experience problems months or even years down the line. You’d think that Audi would jump at the chance for some inexpensive PR, and offer to swap Helfer’s ride for a press fleet car. You’d be wrong about Audi, but a local Infiniti dealer seized the moment by offering to swap Helfer’s A3 for a brand new G37X sedan. Manhasset Infiniti GM David Fine took the opportunity to rub salt in Audi’s wounds by explaining that he was simply doing what Audi should have done in the first place. I’d score that Peter Helfer and Manhasset Infiniti FTW.

Source: Fox News

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