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Audi’s Latest Photo Shoot Is Chock Full ‘O Weird

Posted in Audi, Bizarre, Videos by Kurt Ernst | January 16th, 2011 | 4 Responses |

So what does the Audi A1 have in common with Route 66 signs, scantily clad models and a techno soundtrack? Nothing! Now we dance, ja! Seriously, I’m mostly German and even I don’t understand what this ad shoot is about. Is the A1 supposed to represent the freedom of the open road? Does Audi have an RS-S version of the A1 that really is capable of 255 miles per hour? Is the Route 66 sign a subtle hint that we are getting the A1 on this side of the pond after all? Has “Vorsprung dürch Technik” become “Vorsprung dürch Peyote”? Your guess is as good as mine. Anyway, enjoy the weirdness (and the skin) after the jump.

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4 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    Ein bisschen komisch

  2. Adam says:

    255 km/h = 158.449654 mph

    • Kurt Ernst says:

      Adam, U.S. speed limits are in MPH. Since that was a U.S. speed limit sign from the bad-old-days of the 55 MPH national speed limit, I assume it was meant to indicate 255 miles per hour. Even if it wasn’t, I doubt there’s an A3 (RS3 excluded) that would hit 158.4 miles per hour.

      But yes, you are correct that 255 KPH equals 158.449654 MPH.

      • Adam says:

        Oh, I won’t deny it’s weird and doesn’t make any sense at all. But with all the commercials you can see on TV these days, you really wonder why marketing departments are still around.

        I guess my comment is what happens when I try to force myself to make sense of weirdness because of how much I like Audi, lol.