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Audi V10 Rumored Not Long For This World, Ditched For Turbo V8

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According to several sources, Audi is purportedly giving very serious consideration to replacing their famed V10 with a turbocharged V8. Apparently, the Gallardo-derived 5.2L FSI V10 which currently powers the RS6 and the R8 V10 is too much of a gas-guzzling behemoth to hold the interest of most consumers, and Audi isn’t willing to lose money in the name of snarling performance. Offering a turbocharged version of the naturally aspirated V8 in its place would be a far more economical option for both Audi and enthusiasts, and as much as we’d be loathe to see it go, we have to admit it’s a smart choice.

The V10 might lead the pack now, but if tuned correctly a turbocharged V8 could churn out just as many horses without adding nearly as many pounds and, as Audi has obviously concluded, would be hella cheaper to make. A dozen cylinders and a couple hundred horses look good on paper, but when it comes to ripping it up on the track, brute strength can prove extremely difficult to harness in a 4,000-pound vehicle. A smaller, lighter turbo V8 unit would cut some serious weight and thanks to the considerable strides made in recent years, would probably have virtually zero turbo lag.

Granted, Audi has yet to confirm anything but similar measures already under consideration by both BMW and Mercedes suggest the press release is as good as circulated.

Source: LeftLaneNews

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