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Audi RS Moments of Truth – 1989: 5 cylinder engine

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There is no question that when it comes to all-wheel drive Audi is an industry leader. In fact they been pimping out their systems for over 30 years. Back in the 1980’s, during the days of the legendary Group-B rally cars though is when the world really stopped and took notice. It’s now 2012 and Audi is releasing “Moments of Truth”, a documentary series that, in Audi’s words,

“… is a series of highly stylized, dynamic short-form documentaries that capture a moment in time — visual, visceral proof of the impact that technological innovation and risk-taking has had on performance in a highly competitive world. “

Click through and check it out.

Source: Youtube.com

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One Response

  1. djrosa says:

    yeah i just came alittle bit. while i do love the sound of a kentucky small block or , a byrish straight six, a stutgart v8/v12, a honda vtec or a highrevving maranello v8 nothing compares to a properly tuned “vorsprung durch technik” straight five (to bad you couldnt hear the proper noise of that glorious engine)