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Audi Releases Episode 3 of “Meet The Beckers” [Video]

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Meet The Beckers
Episode 3 Raising The Stakes

Part 3 of Audi’s snarky new adverts, Meet The Beckers, has finally hit the interwebs and like the two videos that preceded it, it’s pretty damn funny. Audi’s characterization of Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus owners is absolutely dead-on-balls accurate (it’s an industry term), and some of the below-the-belt jabs are so subtle, you’ll miss them if you aren’t paying attention. Personally, Episode 2: Getting The Bird, wins my nomination as the funniest of the trio – if I had a dime for every Billy Becker that tried to pick me up, I’d be eating stir-fried bald eagle off of 24k gold flatware right now.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the first two installments of Meet The Beckers, I would highly recommend doing so before watching Episode 3. Hit the jump for episodes 1 & 2

Meet The Beckers
Episode 2 Getting The Bird

Meet The Beckers
Episode 1 Meet The Family

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